The Knife – A Tooth For An Eye

Official Music Video
Released March 8th 2013

Nominated Best Director/Actor 2013, Berlin Music Video Festival
Winner Best Scandinavian Music Video 2013, Bergen International Film Festival

The jury, consisting of the following: Thure Soldthved Munkholm (Program Manager at CPH: PIX), Marie Limkilde (Director) and Embla Karidottir (photographer, director and drummer Razika), made the following statement:

“The atypical comes to the dancefloor in this years winning video, which turns both gender roles and classic choreography upside down. With few resources and a simple but precise concept the directors behind the winner have created a universe with a consistent esthetic, and have reinterpreted the well known dance scene of the music video genre with both humor and discomfort. The price for this years best Scandinavian music video goes to Roxy Farhat & Kakan Hermansson for their work for The Knife’s A Tooth for an Eye.”

Dir. Roxy Farhat & Kakan Hermansson
DoP: Aida Chehrehgosha
Editing: Roxy Farhat
Choreography: Sepidar Hosseini & Iwa Herdensjö
Costume and Set Design: Johanna Friedman